In April, we invited all 鶹ý pupils to write and submit a poem based on the (our values) as part of the 鶹ý Poetry Competition. We were bowled over by the quality and creativity of the responses. Congratulations to Grace M from Kestrel 鶹ý, our overall winner. Here is a showcase of some of the talent we have in our 鶹ý schools.

The seven C’s of our Academy

They start with you, and they start with me.

Everybody individually has to take


Compassion, loyalty, patience, and fun

Should be characteristics of everyone.

Understand, pull together, be a team.

Collaborate and achieve the dream.

Commit, work hard, do your best.

Challenge yourself until you have


Be brave, resilient, have the courage to

speak out.

Stand up for others – trust me it will count.

We’re equal, we’re different, we are proud.

Culture isn’t quiet, culture is loud.

Think outside the box, who can you inspire?

Find your passion, it will set your creativity

on fire.

Be welcoming, supportive, demonstrate

togetherness and care

Create a community where we can all share.

Grace M //Year 5 Kestrel 鶹ý

In our school we work

together as a team,

Sometimes we face

a difficult time

But we accept the

challenge and fulfil

our dream.

We even show courage

and bravery.

We have imagination

and creativity

in our community.

We have different

religions and beliefs.

And that is Abbey

鶹ý Primary


Prence T // Year 3 Abbey 鶹ý

I am courage

I am strong

I am brave

I am a cat that roars so loud.

I am happy

I am sad

I stand tall and shout out loud.

I have courage.

Grace P // Year 1 Knighton 鶹ý


Coloured pencils in little hands

Rainbows leading to dreamlands

Every child has their own wings but,

All of them are blooming their own springs

This is how the world should be

Imagination is key

Vital and successful creative skills is what

we need to do imaginative things

I love art because it lets me be free

Trust and support is what we need to

create a masterpiece

You Can Be Creative And I Can Too

Aaliya // Year 5 Thurnby 鶹ý

Creativity is the use of imagination

To make a great invention.

Out of the box, will be a way of thinking

You will be dreaming, wondering working…

Not everyone will understand you,

And it’s ok to be you!

As long as you are happy

Let’s enjoy your creativity.

Neyla J //Year 4 Rowlatts 鶹ý